Healthy Skin For All

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Healthy Skin For All

Bring your best skin forward with Elasco’s innovative and simplified skincare solutions. With our deep expertise in cosmetic chemistry, we custom develop formulas using clinically-proven ingredients that coexist with the skin’s biological process.

More With Less

Each formula packs a punch with
minimal ingredients at clinically active levels. No laundry list of ingredients
or ‘fairy dusting.’ Our formulas are lightweight and adjustable to give your
skin exactly what it needs to stay resilient.

Elasco re-hydra serum

Healthy skin begins with hydrated skin

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Elasco re-juvenate elixir

Nourish and protect your skin

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Our Community

My skin is definitely more hydrated and bouncier. Re-Hydra Serum pairs beautifully with Re-Juvenate Elixir, giving me an instant glow!


I love the Serum + Elixir combination. My ratio is 8 serum + 3 Elixir. What's yous?


Precision skincare at it’s best! I love how I can customize exactly how much hydration and moisture I need, daily. On days I need more hydration, I add a few more drops of the Serum to the Elixir. Amazing products!


Those products (Re-Hydra Serum + Elixir) are amazing 😭😍


I have been using them (Re-Hydra Serum + Elixir) since December, once a day in my routine. They keep my face very moisturized during the day!


I've recently been dealing with irritated and itchy skin, almost felt a burning sensation so I iced it and started using (ELASCO) skin treatments. The first week I was using (Resc-U Spray) and that really helped with itchiness. The serums are so incredibly rough, dry, itchy skin now feels soft. The same week I recieved the serums, I also paid a visit to my doctor...because my cheeks were so dry and flaky, (the doctor) prescribed me an ointment (Metronidazole Cream) to reduce the inflammation and slight discoloration forming underneath my cheeckbones. The ointment with a combination of (ELASCO's) serums, and the regular use of (a) cleansing balm was a perfect recipe for glowing skin!! Before (the treatments) when I was using makeup, it was appearing flaky and now it just glides right on. I no longer wake up in the morning with dry skin. It stays hydrated all night long. And the redness went away! Thank YOU for saving my skin...I'm hooked on these serums. They have done wonders!


The (Resc-U) Spray is amazing, it calmed my face after a whole day of meetings. After 2 days of use, my acne reduced a lot and my face feels smoother. Definitely will repurchase!


I have been using all different kinds of serums, and I change products frequently. Then I found ELASCO. This is the BEST serum ever that I've tried in the past 30 years. I love it so much. It’s light, simple, and keeps my skin moistured all day.


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We’re more than just a beauty brand. We’re a socially-minded team that believes in sharing our success with our ELASCAN Community. With your first ELASCO purchase, you’re invited to join our Thank You Rewards (TYR) Program which generously rewards members who help grow the ELASCAN community.